BBQ Disposal & Removal

Nothing beats the fun of grilling food on a BBQ, especially when you have a new one to experiment with. But the question arises, what to do with the old BBQ? JunkMates is here to provide you with efficient BBQ removal services.

Don’t bother with the how-to’s of old BBQ disposal. Leave the task to us, your San Diego junk removal experts!

Method to Dispose of Old BBQs

As a comprehensive junk removal service in San Diego, we handle all the heavy lifting. You don’t need to drag your old BBQ to the curb or maneuver it yourself. We pick up your old BBQ and any additional items you wish to discard, right from their current location. Before departing, we make sure to clean the area. We strive to recycle or donate items wherever feasible, so you can be assured that your items have been properly discarded.

Steps to Detach Propane Tanks from a BBQ Before we haul away your grill, ensure the propane tank is thoroughly disconnected. Here are some suggestions on safely detaching your gas cylinder:

  1. Switch off your BBQ.
  2. For a refillable tank, close the tank valve (turn it completely to the right, or clockwise). Tiny disposable propane tanks usually lack valves, so you can simply unscrew the tank to detach it.
  3. After closing the valve, untwist the threaded pressure regulator.
  4. Uninstall the tank from the grill. (It may be attached with a bolt or screw—just remove this to separate the tank.)
  5. Keep your tank in a safe area—never store it indoors, even if it’s empty!

Options for Propane Tank Disposal

If your propane tank is empty, we can take it along with your grill. But if the tank isn’t completely empty, it should be safely discarded.

Most recycling depots, transfer stations, and dumps accept old gas cylinders. Check with your local recycling center if they can recycle in your region. If not, you may have to drop it off at the dump yourself.

Can JunkMates Pick Up My BBQ from My Back Porch or Deck?

Absolutely! As a full-service junk removal company in San Diego, we pick up your items directly from where they are located. Whether your BBQ is on your back porch or deck, we will pick it up and load it into our truck—no effort required on your part!

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