Storage Clean Out, San Diego

The need for extra storage in San Diego is on the rise, and with it comes the need for excellent storage clean-out San Diego services. With many companies that clean out storage units emerging daily, knowing which company to trust with the work is important.

Our storage unit clean-out services are the most preferred clean-out solution in San Diego and neighboring cities. So, if you’re looking for a reliable team, contact us today for remarkable services!

How We Price Our Storage Unit Cleanout Services

Our average storage unit cleanout cost is $140 but often starts from as low as $100. Depending on how much junk you want us to take off your hands, we will always work out a customized quote for your specific needs.

Our team will assess your storage unit and determine how much work is needed to clear out all the junk, pack them, and load them into our trucks. The distance to your place will also play a role in computing the final quote. You can call us today to schedule your next appointment.

What to Expect from Our Storage Unit Junk Removal Services

Once we agree on the quotation, we will send our team for the actual storage unit cleanout. We follow a few elaborate steps to make the whole process simpler:

  1. Preparation and setup – Once we arrive, we’ll lay down all the tools needed, and our team of experts will put on their work and safety gear. Since storage units can be small, we’ll use the available space economically, moving through it in sections from front to back.
  2. Item organization – Most storage units are often disorganized, with items thrown in randomly. Our team understands this is something to expect and will always organize your items into three categories: items to keep at home, items to donate, and junk.
  3. Repackaging – Since we know what you’re keeping and what’s being hauled away, we’ll help you repackage everything you’re keeping. We’ll consolidate similar items and pack them in a box to make unpacking easy when needed.
  4. Hauling away the Junk – Ultimately, our team will haul the junk to a donation center or a recycling facility for safe disposal. If you’re keeping some of the stuff, we’ll equally move them back to your home and unload them at an additional fee.

If you’re unsure what to keep and what to let go of, we will always help you decide by assessing the items’ conditions.

What Storage Unit Items Do We Take?

We remove any and all bulk items you want to be hauled from your storage unit. Chances are we’ll still take away that item you’re holding in your unit even if you don’t see it in the list below:

  • Old appliances
  • Old furniture
  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Piled up paperwork
  • Holiday decorations
  • Clothing
  • Bed
  • Baby stuff
  • Old toys
  • Sport equipment

Storage Unit Cleanout: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most commonly asked questions we’ve always received from our previous clients are:

While we desire to remove everything you want to eliminate, we are only limited to non-hazardous materials. Some items we don’t remove are pollutants, contaminants, medical wastes, radioactive wastes, solvents, oils, and fuels.

We currently only serve San Diego residents from Oceanside down to PetCo Park. We are quickly expanding and will soon serve all of San Diego’s city residents.

Yes. If your organization is relocating and needs the junk hauled from all your storage units, we are always ready to help. Whether it’s old computers, desks, or paperwork, we will offer you a discounted large-scale junk removal price.

Client Reviews and Ratings

Best cleanout service I’ve ever paid for. I’d work with them again and again.
Martin White - Aviara
I’d definitely book this team again. They cleared out junk from my storage unit in record time despite storing a lot of bulky stuff there.
Mary Smith - Cottonwood Creek
What a way to start my storage clean out San Diego experience. I moved here a couple of weeks ago and had to haul my stuff from my old storage unit to a new one in Cardiff. This team went above and beyond to haul my stuff here safely.
James Johnson - Cardiff