Furniture Movers San Diego

Hire the best furniture movers San Diego has to offer and enjoy remarkable services today! At JunkMates, we’ve invested our years in training and building a formidable team to help move your furniture safely in and out of San Diego. Moving furniture across San Diego can be a big challenge, especially if it’s your first time doing this.

Regardless of the furniture moving service you need, you can trust us to turn up and deliver.
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What to Expect from JunkMates Furniture Movers, San Diego

We’re all about transforming furniture transport to a new level of expertise, timeliness, and affordability. You never have to worry about the safety and condition of your furniture in transit because we have a trained team to handle your furniture from departure to destination.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

1. Exceptional customer service – From receiving your call to delivering your furniture to your destination, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations. From our call center professionals to our box truck drivers and movers, we promise a remarkable customer service experience to all our clients.

2. Fast and reliable furniture transport – Once you book an appointment with us, we’re compelled to attend to your case as fast as possible. Our team will always swing to action to ensure we complete your furniture moving service quickly and efficiently.

3. Affordable furniture moving – We’re not just promising high-quality service; its affordable, high-quality service structured for your needs. Our competitive, affordable pricing starts at $180 per hour or a minimum of $300, depending on the distance and the pieces of furniture you want to be moved.

4. Professional team and equipment – We understand how hard it is to get professional furniture moving companies in San Diego. That’s why we invest not only in a highly professional team but also in the best furniture-moving equipment, like furniture sliders, hand trucks, and securing straps. We understand that a professional team is only as effective and efficient as the furniture moving equipment they work with.

5. Licensed and insured – Furniture moving can be fragile, and we don’t want you worrying about what happens when misfortunes happen while on the move. We have all the licenses and insurance needed to handle your furniture transport from departure to destination.

Why You Should Choose Us

Your search for the best movers to move furniture around San Diego has to stop with JunkMates! We’re dedicated to seeing you enjoy a stress-free process and getting value for your money every time you hire us. Our previous clients have had the best experiences working with us, most returning for new services or referring us to their friends and family.

Our confidence stands tall as your go-to local furniture movers and is continually growing even as we boast a 98% referral rate. We fully know how important your satisfaction is to our business growth, and we’ll always strive to meet your needs in the best way possible.

You can trust that our dedicated customer rep team will always be ready to answer your booking and appointment questions anytime you need us. So, call us now at 858-740-4750 to book your next appointment.

What More Do We Offer?

At JunkMates, we’re more concerned about satisfying your needs, which means going the extra mile. We move all sizes of furniture and offer associated services such as in-home furniture assembly and re-arranging.

Since most of these services are within the scope of furniture moving, we offer them for free.

However, we can charge a small extra fee for specific additional services if they are not directly related to moving furniture.

Here’s a list of the extra furniture moving services we offer upon agreement:

  • In-home furniture assembly
  • Furniture disassembly (If you’re moving and need help with separate furniture moving)
  • Furniture re-arranging (If you’re adding new furniture pieces to existing ones and want
    them re-arranged
  • Loading and Unloading furniture
  • After work cleaning services

San Diego Local Furniture Movers Frequently Asked Questions

At JunkMates, we are happy to receive and answer any and all questions you may have related to furniture moving services.

Our Box truck always has a driver and two additional guys to help disassemble, assemble, load, and unload your furniture. We can always organize enough personnel to handle your job if you need more work done.

We’re currently serving clients in San Diego from Oceanside down to the PetCo Park area. You can always confirm your location when booking your appointment so we can plan the move effectively.

You can schedule your appointment with us as early as 72 hours in advance.

We charge $180 per hour. However, we sometimes consider weight and volume when not charging per hour. The minimum is $300, which can rise based on distance, weight, volume, and associated service charges.

At JunkMates, we move furniture from an apartment on any floor. However, finalizing this will take more time and labor, which means slightly more cost.

Client Reviews and Ratings

I have not had my furniture moved since I bought new ones early this year. Sitting in my garage and starting to waste away, I thought that was the end of the road for my lovely pieces of furniture. When a friend introduced me to JunkMates, I gave them a try, and boy, did they do an excellent job. I'm now happy my furniture is resting at a safer storehouse, thanks to JunkMates.
Alexander Davis - Carlsbad
When the team entered my yard with a company box truck, I knew I was in for professional service. The team carefully listened to my instructions, and within no time, they packed and loaded my furniture into the truck. I will certainly work with them again in the future!
Emma Sanchez - San Marcos
What a wonderful team! They knew exactly what to do and carried the right tools for the job. I recommend them any day for any furniture moving services in San Diego.
Benjamin Smith - La Jolla