Mattress Removal Services, San Diego

It’s not every day you get remarkable mattress removal San Diego services, especially when you’re time-bound and need help immediately. Removing or disposing of a mattress can be a struggle, especially with narrow corridors, stairs, and a long drive to the disposal facility. The good news is you don’t have to do this alone anymore. Our mattress removal company prioritizes your old mattress disposal needs at the best removal rates.

How We Price Our Old Mattress Removal Service

Mattress removal cost is one of the major concerns for residents looking for cheap mattress removal. Whenever you search “mattress removal near me” or “mattress disposal near me,” you expect the best price for the best services around you.

At JunkMates, we do everything in our power to keep the mattress removal cost as low as possible while maintaining the highest standards of mattress haul-away services. Depending on mattress size, we charge anything between $100 and $140.

The price could increase if you want additional furniture, like beds, bedside lampstands, bedroom cabinets, etc, removed. Also, if you’re dealing with bedbug infestation, it’s important to let us know so we can come prepared to deal with them at a small additional fee. 

Send us a quote today for an instant price estimation for your mattress removal in San Diego.

What To Expect from Your Old Mattress Haul Away

Our team of experts will professionally handle your old mattress removal, from pick up to disposal. Despite being licensed, equipped, and experienced, our team comprises dedicated individuals who’ll see that all same-day mattress removal bookings are successfully executed.

When you give our mattress removal team a call, you can expect the following:

  • Free mattress removal price estimates Once you describe the nature and size of your mattress, our team will give a quick and accurate price estimate so you can make the decision quickly.
  • Schedule of pick-up and removal times – Once we agree on the price, we can schedule same-day or next-day pick-up and removal depending on your availability and distance from our offices. For same-day removals, it’s important to schedule your appointment early in the day for a swift reaction from our end. We are open Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday, 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • Mattress removal Our call center agents will give you an early call on the removal day to confirm our team’s arrival window. Our team of experts will arrive within the set time with the right gear and tools to remove the mattress and load it on our mattress junk removal van to be hauled away for safe disposal.
  • Safe disposal or donation – Seeing as some mattresses are surrendered for disposal in good usable condition (less than five years of use), our team would set those aside for recycling. The wood or metal from your mattress will be recycled and reused. However, if yours is in bad condition, you can rest assured that our team will deliver it for safe disposal in a landfill.

Why You Should Choose Us

We are serious about mattress removal, safe disposal, and eco-recycling. We aim to recycle, reuse, and repurpose as many mattresses as possible most efficiently. We always succeed in recycling over 60% of every mattress we haul away, so you can trust your old mattress will end up serving a good course.

Since opening our office, we have offered cheap mattress removal in San Diego. You can trust that your mattress will be hauled away by the utmost professional procedures for a pocket-friendly charge.

Our customer service team is always ready to hear from you. So call us today to book your next mattress removal appointment!

What Extras Do We Take?

Since mattress removal sometimes involves picking associated furniture for disposal, we make it easier for all homeowners looking to haul away their old mattresses. Here are some of the additional items we take:

  • Beds (professional bed removal service you can trust)
  • Box spring
  • Bedroom sofa
  • Bedside cabinet
  • Nightstands
  • Bedside table
  • Bed frames
  • Futons

Mattress Removal in San Diego: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any major question you may ask about mattress removal is covered in our FAQs below:

We only pick the mattress after treating it to eliminate the bugs. You can have a pest control professional treat the mattress before our arrival, or we can offer the examination services at an additional fee.

Between $100-140, depending on size.

We recycle most mattresses and only dump those in terrible condition. We never donate mattresses due to hygiene concerns.

A mattress is due for replacement/removal when it starts sagging, makes noises when you move, triggers allergies, emits unpleasant odor, causes pain and discomfort, and is over 10 years old.

Our mattress removal San Diego services are accurately priced for our upfront clients. To get accurate upfront pricing, please give us a call or book an online appointment today.

Booking an appointment is easy; just enter your zip code, then select items you need removed to get your quote through our dedicated cost calculator.

Client Reviews and Ratings

The team was great! They gave me an estimate of when they would arrive and kept me updated all through. They were kind and courteous upon arrival and wasted no time in picking and loading my mattress. I highly recommend this team.
Ben Davis - Cardiff
No better experience have I had for mattress removal than the one JunkMates offered. I loved every step of the process.
Mary Sanchez - Clairemont
Excellent services!
Maria Ramirez - San Marcos